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The DAD with the DUDE at VARANASI

Our trip to Varanasi had a singular objective. It was all about bonding beyond the realms of a relationship as a father and son. The idea was to discover what is missing in our relationship and start working towards reinforcing the missing links, so that we evolve as matured adults in our respective roles in fortifying our relationship. The journey started on the 9th of June, 2016. By 5.00 pm in the evening, we had packed our bags and ready to start this interesting journey.

We reached Varanasi on the morning of 10th June, 2016 and checked into our hotel.

Our hotel was located at a quaintly named, Englishiya Line close to the cantonment and the railway junction. It has remained the way since the British left with their Raj, leaving no trace of anything British, off course! The hotel has a decent review across the digital portals of Trivago, Bookings and the TripAdvisor and was fairly living up to its reputation of a 4 star user review. The breakfast (buffet), morning newspaper, trave…

Training to be a Buddy to my Son

I had received this communication from the HR department, asking for a self nomination to a workshop titled Work Life Balance.

Training sessions to me have been those out of turn days, when you are paid to be on a leave and very importantly no phone calls. At the end of the session, it was all about wielding the most powerful weapon while filling up the Feedback form.

The Trainer would have by them undetaken many tedious tactics, throughout the session, to ensure that the participants rate and rank the session most satisfactory.

The learning had very little to offer when it required me to go back to work from the next day and thus the feedback on the session was a cursory end of day attendance, after a sumptuous lunch at a five star address.

But this time the training module sounded very different. There was a brief on the trainer and a write-up. What to expect out of the session? It proclaimed that the session was designed to help the participants strike a fine balance between the p…